here goes, the first time i get to say whats on my mind, and i write about how i start blogging.

Petty boring i guess and a waste of the readers time.

so, ever since i was young, i have always said whats on my mind no matter what, in my culture (lebanon) that is considered a shortage of manners and rudeness, so little by little, i have started shutting down my mouth, and all of a sudden, i became shy to express whats on my mind.

After a while, i said *uck the *shit, i have the right to say whats on my mind, and i mustn’t  ashamed to do it. So, expressing my opinion became orgasmic to me, every time i said whats on my mind i felt something undiscribablel, i felt the feeling you get after your forth shot of tequila or after listening to your favorite song for ours with the lights of. But then again, i was only doing it in front of a small crowd, i needed a larger crowd, the more people i touch, the better i felt. So, i used facebook and twitter, but nobody takes these sites seriously, especially the due to the quality of people i have on those two sites.

And one day, i was talking to someone, better say something, they (single, but i used they since i can’t sort them as anything -no offense if you are reading this :*-) were like “i woud loooove to someday see ur brain n all its fucking shit on a blog” i was like “i dont have time for that” then they were like “pppppppppft u walk around hamra for hours u got time DO IT”

Naw that person, can influence me easily, thought i have met them once, and now *hit about them, but yet, there is something so special about them, i mean, convincing me to do something is as easy as convincing a sea cucumber that it is a bucket filled half with period blood and 4 table spoons with semen.

So, now that i have found a place to express my opinion without being interrupted by people and there fast judgments, i hope i can spread my thought to as much people as i can.