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Ah yes, the many weird thing you see and hear when using the public transportation.

This is something that most of us experience or hear about. No, I am not talking about sex, or sex related things. PERVS!

Anyway, this time, and on my way home from university, I witnessed to supposedly best friends review their 7 year old friendship in 30 mins.

Boy: I still remember the day we met in school, I pulled your hair and you spit on my face

Girl: worst way to get to know someone, why would you pull my hair? But it was funny, we made a scene, and both got detention on first day of school.

Boy: oh yeah! The new kids became legends on the first day of school

Girl: detention! Omg, the first time we went into detention. All those chalks we threw at each other.

Boy: and that poor teacher who couldn’t do nothing. I still remember the look on his face!

Girl: oh please…. Stop it! Stop it! Ay, ay, ay, common, enough childish behaviors… hahahahahahaha

Boy: remember all those pranks we pulled on each other, then the whole class!

Girl: *gasps* enemies who turned out real besties for life. We are so awesome

Boy: oooooh yeah! Speaking of which…

Girl: speaking of what

Boy: well, you know, we have known friends for ever

Girl: and ever and ever, we should so go to the beach next week

Boy: well, yeah, and we go out a lot

Girl: and some people actually believe we are dating and in love! Haaaahaaaaaa

Boy: yeah that’s what I want to talk about

Girl: you mean we should do a break up scene in the university tomorrow just for more attention?!

Boy: not exactly….

Girl: then?

Boy: ugh, ummm, *deep breath* I think, it would….be better if we, you know

Girl: know what? *worry signs on her face*

Boy: become more than just friends

Girl: what? Euw dude, I can never

Boy: but, but, we are soo much alike, and we know a lot about each other, we won’t have drama and all the shit other couples have and go through

Girl: oh! Hell! No! I can’t believe that you think of me in that way

Boy: no, no, no, no, no, I don’t. NEVER!

Girl: oh yeah you don’t! You’re a prick just like all the other boys I have been with

Boy: and I burn when I see with another boy, holding hands and whispering

Girl: you fucked up perv.

Boy: shut up, I love, I always have, but you never gave me the chance

Girl: of course I won’t, why should i

Boy: I care about you, for starters

Girl: just shut up, and forget about it

Boy: I have been ignoring it for the past 4 years

Girl: was that when you started masturbating to my pictures

Boy: stop saying that, I love you, you dumb bitch

Girl: oh thanks a lot, you know, just thanks, you dumb shit

Boy: yup, my first impression of you when you spit on my face WHORE, and you still are one, and became even a bigger one


Boy: don’t ever talk to me again, ever…

Girl: I deleted your name from the contact list, don’t worry, you shit

Boy: fine, fuck off

And that’s how a 7 year old supposedly awesome friendship ended.

Moral of the story, don’t step out the friend zone. Unless its Aprils fool, then, in case things go bad, just throw the “APRILS FOOOOOOOOL!” sentence and bam! Nothing happened, and you get to save your supposedly good friends.

So, let me know if you have ever been frienzoned and sucked as bad as this guy in trying to get out of it.

Peace out