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A syndrome is a group of manifestations that occur simultaneously in response to an external or internal factor that alter the body’s natural physiology.

A pissed of syndromes is in short, being pissed off at everything all the time no matter what.

Signs and symptoms of this syndrome are as follows

You wake up frowning, angry, upset, and slap the first person that speaks to you, whoever that person is, your mother, your father, your grandparents, siblings, wife…etc.

You have your breakfast with a frown, food is partially chewed, and you might spit the breakfast at some time. Occasionally, you might just release your jaw and the food will fall out, you are too pissed off to even spit it out

You leave the kitchen tottering to the bathroom, the bathroom door is slammed just to express to the entire family how pissed off you are. The toilet seat mocks you; you roll your eyes with disgust, and turn towards the sink. And you see this ugly structure in called the mirror, you want to punch it, but you’re beyond disgusted to lift your hands. Again, eyes roll, and you walk away.

Your body is dragged into the bed room, remember, you are filled with hate and anger, you are wishing that whole building just collapses and ends your life. You lift the heavy arms and open the closet. A pile of stacked garments appear, but nothing appeals to you, nothing satisfies you when you’re on the pissed off syndrome.

You wear the clothes over your pajamas, then you piss off a bit more for being so slow and pathetic. You remove the clothes off, then the pajamas, more disgust, and more eyes rolling. You put your horribly disgusting clothes on, and just leave, fuck the bags, fuck the books, fuck the wallet, and everything else, you just want to get through this shit day.

The sound of the door opening just drives your into utter hate and disgust, and these feeling amplifies you hear the door shut behind you. You reach the stairs, and you are loaded with hate, and you feel the whole world pointing at you with every step you take down, you hear them mock as you lay down the other leg and designing the stairs. And it goes on and on and on.

The whole day, it just repeats, disgust, hate, anger, contempt. And for what? Stress I guess? Pms? Depression? No, not really. Just savoring the hate I guess.

OR it can be due to being a pussy and not having the nerve to step up and tell others to fuck up, so you hate yourself instead of standing up to others. All those feelings, they convert. And you start hating yourself, and interpret it as hate and contempt to the world