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So here’s the thing, there is a short story competition being held by the ministry of culture of Lebanon.

I previously (some 4 or 5 years ago) participated in this competition with the cliché crime scenario of a rich murdered aunt that get killed and the only surviving heir gets framed with the crime while a surviving long forgotten and lost heir is the one who did it. The real murderer bribed the judge and everyone to frame the innocent person. However, the wife of the innocent person helps him escape and they find a homeless poor man as a replacement to be executed. Sometime later, the real killer finds the other guy, and kills him and the wife.

I have no idea why it won, it was really dull. I guess the whole concept of corruption, murder, and evil wining over good signifying that life isn’t fair is what shocked the judges.

Anyway, I was tottering around campus the other day and noticed that the competition is back. So, I went home, played the goriest and most satanic music I have, turned down the lights, had a little sip of the forbidden juice (but not too much), and just waited for my deep inner darkened personality to be summoned up. I lay down, tossed myself, slit my skin, rolled in my own blood (there wasn’t that much blood), and kept waiting for the ugliest, bloodiest, goriest, most disgusting and grouse scenario to get summoned. After some while, I guess near midnight or sometime after that, it just hit me.

There it was something, so grotesque, so inhuman, and so unearthly. I have no idea how the innocent simple me could get into such a state in order to drive out similar ideas. I was trembling during the writing process. I scared myself. Those scenes I described in the short story, they made me drop the pen at certain points and have me worry about my sanity and mental state. If someone wouldn’t know me, they will believe I need to be tossed into an asylum.

What I came up with, is nothing close the same old scenario of love\hate\divorce\marriage\death\revenge\flashback\cancer\politics. It was something inspired by death and evil. However, the main character didn’t see what he did as evil. He believed what he was doing is bringing down justice unto a tyrant.

Hers a small flash of the plot (I can’t post it, as the submitted items to the competition must be unreleased)

The story starts describing a man that everybody hates, but I didn’t mention why. He has done terrible things to people, and he lives perfectly fine. One day he disappears, few days later appear with a private nurse. The private nurse had a plan for that terrible person, as he chooses his client wisely. Anyway, the private nurse starts selling the guys organs, while the guy is still alive, liver, kidneys, eyes, skin, blood, lungs, even bones and muscles. And for his escape from the mess he got himself into, he fools someone to enter the house, and burns the house…. So you have two burned bodies, supposedly the nurse and the client, while the nurse escapes.

But here’s the problem, I can’t submit it through my university, as they might consider me mentally diseased, and the story affects the image of nurses (I am a nursing student). So the only challenge I have is mastering the language and editing all the grammar mistakes. Wish some could help me in the Arabic grammar: p

Anyway, leave a comment about what you think of the scenario