Well, she said it all, we live in a woeld were a mans existence is defined by the size of his dick, his cum load, how many “bitches” he tapped, how any hot chicks are danglng around him, and the macho things he does. And if someone tries defying this norm, he is called names, treated as a “fag”, disrespected for not being a man whore. We live in one shit society.


What’s craziest about the story of the young man who killed six people and himself at UC Santa Barbara over the weekend is not that he was obsessed with sex, or even that he thought he was entitled to it. Reading his 141-page “manifesto” — and the series of YouTube videos he filmed and posted online — what was most surprising was how ordinary his complaint seemed.

Elliot Rodger had never kissed a girl. In a culture of casual sex, he was a virgin — at 22. ​He was lonely, angry, humiliated, depressed, and also likely struggling with mental illness. He couldn’t understand why others got to have what he didn’t; why girls always seemed to go after the “obnoxious jocks,” not the nice guys like him; why he had to see it all around him — from porn to campus party culture — as if taunting him…

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