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the day she was found, she stood there doing nothing but cry out

She just stood there, poking her tongue out with ever cry for help she unleashed. And she never seemed to shut up.
I couldn’t let her go, since a baby her size would not last in the wild or the streets, esp. given that most the villagers don’t want a smelly loud beast as a goat near their homes.
I took her in with one intention in mind…. FOOD, soft tender sweet goat meat. That’s all I thought of. I wanted to fatten her up, and devour it within a month over a huge feast with friends and family.

But a goat her age and size could only breast feed, and I by no means have any breast to feed it. So, I tried feeding her powdered milk at first from a bowl, but she refused. So I went to the other obvious solution, bottle feeding. I actually bottle fed something I was going to slay later on.
Next thing, I gave her a bath, something nasty and not that easy with a something that moves a lot, but I managed to give her a bath. During the bath, I sensed something rather strange on her belly; I palpated, felt, and then took a look. An umbilical cord…. It was inevitable; the goat was no more than 2-3 weeks old. After the bath, I dried her up, tied her in the shade, offered her water, and sat away. But babies loved to play, and this baby wanted company, so she never stopped crying out for me to come sit with her. But I had other things to attend to, and couldn’t stay 24/7 with her… so just left her in shade till her other feeding time.

this is where i she stayed, under a tree, notice how the water bucket is nearly her size

this is where i she stayed, under a tree, notice how the water bucket is nearly her size

Time passed by, and the goat started liking me. It no longer ran away when I approached her, and with time, I grew fond of my food… I named her nour.

With time, I watched nour discover life. Her first experience with a cat is something worth mentioning. Nour was resting in the shade, when a super fat cat approached. The cat was almost as big as nour, and the cat is very familiar to the place, but not to the presence of beasts in it. And all of a sudden, the fat cat stopped, and stared at nour, nour stared back, and they stayed that way for somewhat of minute. Once the cat was sure that nour is nothing dangerous, she tottered away. But nour stood up, and walked to the cat, smelled it, and you could feel that she was asking the cat for something. The cat stopped again, stared at nour, and then continued its path.

Days went by, and nour continued to discover aspects of life, she learned to climb and jump off walls. But she wasn’t aware of the rope around her neck, so she jumped off the wall, and strangulated herself. Luckily I was nearby and managed to save her life before it was too late. She did the same thing several times, many, many times, and at some points, many times continuously, to the point I thought she was suicidal.

I grew obsessed with her, I started waking up early just to bottle feed her. And so did most of the family, except mom, who asked continuously to give her away.

By that time, nour started believing I am her parent, and whenever she would see me, she used to sprint towards me, and road would pull her back. BAM! She would snap back, twist in the air, and fall to ground. No harm was delivered when she attempted such stunts, but it was painful and somehow funny to see.

Some 2 weeks passed, and nour started sneezing, and she started eating less. But I used to force feed her occasionally since she would pass 12 hours refusing food.
Occasionally, I used to take her to a nearby forest just to change the scenery. She used to love doing that, jumping all the way, dashing into bushes and stumbling over them. She once got so excited when I was taking her, she jumped so high, and hit the ground so hard, her back bent, and I though she broke her limbs. But miraculously, nothing happened to her, not even a scratch, and she continued her parade.

“she will die if she doesn’t stay with goats, they will teach her how and what to eat, how to care for herself, and a goat that size, well, you are going to have to wait till at least 6-7 months you can eat her, and it’s a female, I suggest you keep her for her milk, or trade her for a male goat if you are want to eat her…” a person that’s knowledgeable on goat said once he saw her petit figure. He also warned me from abdominal bloating and diarrhea that might occur if she ate too many greens at such an age. I was also advised to give her to someone with goats, preferably a female goat with no kids, so she accepts to breast her feed her.

sun bathing, she loved to sit in the sun

sun bathing, she loved to sit in the sun

More weeks went by, and my daughter ate once per day, and jumped less. I barley hear her voice, and she craved more greens. I fed her greens in small quantities, but she continued refusing milk. She refused being taken for walks, and just sat all day. We considered taking her to the vet for some shots and pills to prevent future diseases and cure her sneezing.

And finally, I decided to give her away to a Shepard. I took her; she was running at some points ahead of me, and refusing to proceed later at other times. Goats are the most stubborn creatures I have seen so far, and I always have been afraid of giving a strong pull that might snap her neck… so I carried her when she went all goatzy and stood refusing to walk.

Anyway, we arrived at the barn, and she saw her own kind. And she looked at me with her blue eyes, a weird look not sure if she was saying “thank you for putting me with other goats” or “mom, you are giving up on me?”

I put her in the barn and stood to watch what will happen. There was two possibilities, they taker her in, or the beat her up till she dies.
Nour crumbled up in a corner as the two big goats approached followed by the little goats. The big goats stood on a higher platform than nour and looked down on her, as if it was court session. Nour was trembling at that point and giving me sad looks.
The female goat looked at the male goat, approached his ear, and whispered something; he did the same with her. And after much staring at nour, and all at once, the goats looked at me, with their naive looking eyes. And they looked back at nour. The two big goats approached nour slowly, but she ran away. They followed her till she got cornered again, and sniffed her ass. But nour, scared and trembling, ran to the other corner. At that point, the two big goats gave me another look as in saying “you can leave her with us”. But I stayed; I wanted to make sure they won’t harm my baby. The female goat touched the male goats’ nose and Nose Bridge, and approached nour alone. Nour was loss scared at that point, and she let the female goat sniff her butt. The female goat backed away, and a baby goat approached and touched nours nose and Nose Bridge, the big male goat did the same next. As I was sure nour is in a better place, I turned away, and as I did, I heard her voice calling out, the same call I heard the day I found her, she was calling for her mother. I turned and saw her staring at me.

I couldn’t go back for her; she needs to be with her own kind. But I will give her visits occasionally, to check on her with the new family.