on my way home (part one)


i go from my university back home by public transport.

public transport is the cheapest way to get around, especially in lebanon, yet it disgusting and disturbing due to the extremely uncomfortable ripped out seats.

anyway, i encounter loads of people everyday on my home, people of diffrent social classes and orientations and races.

so, here is one of the most amazing stories i encountered while using public transport.

one day, i was in a van passing from one of the most crowded and neglected ares in lebanon, “sabra”. an old man stopped the van. the old man was wearing an attire, holding a tall stick with some leather and gems on the top. a respectable man i directly thought, the type of people that has the ability to solve any problem within the family or his com,unity.

the man sat next to me, and looked at amazment at me. i was wearing all black, and had a mohak and my metal music was filling the bus since the earphones weren’t plugged correctly (i didn’t know that, yet nobody complained). the man looked at me, rolled his eyes, then stretched his moustach. then he poked me, so i removed my earphones and looked and he was like (in arabic) “what the fuck are listening to you sick rascal? back in my days, all we listened to was true music and stories from our parents and grandparents mouth’s, not the demonicly enriched manure you are listening to”. i looked and didn’t know what to answer a man that’s at least 80 years old. i plucked my earphones back in as the man muttered something in a low voice.

later on, a female got on bored, her ass half showing, so uncle oldy seemed to get a bit exited. he started tossing in his seat and truning from side to side in an attempt to get a better view of the ass. again, the old man poked me and he whispered “back in my days, asses didnt look anything like that, are you getting any ass ? if you are not, get as much as you can before you run out of years, watch and learn young one”

the old man pulled out his stick and pushed it into the females elbow and said “allow me to free you of the transportation fee” the female replied “no! thank you, i have my money”. the man hummed ans starred at the ass for a prolonged period the yelled “this is were i shall leave this ass and get off the bus”. everybody looked in amazment while i laughed my guts out. as the man was getting off he grasped the females thigh so hard that he almost ripped of her pants, surprisingly, the female didnt even give him an evil look or complain.

i went wondering at that moment weather that female is a prostitute or just dumb not to resist harasination, and why didn’t she take his money as long as she seemed to be pleasured with his hand all over her. and then i went to the other corner of my trip, and wondered weather my music is diabolic, or that mans mentality and action are the diabolic stuff that must be evaded and tabooed in society instead of being credited as a stud and applauded for “knowing how to handle women”.



Lebanon’s independence



i am pretty sure everybody enjoys celebrating independence day, except the people in the UK…

i am Lebanese, and the 22nd of november is Lebanon’s independence, so people whore me out with there love of their country. they suddenly love their country and celebrate the hero’es of the lebanese independence, and this year there is a parade for the first time to celebrate the glory full war and all the brave warriors who sacrificed there selves in the sake of freedom, all the brave acts done against the french back then to end the mandate such as modifying the constitution and modifying the flag.

Let me rephrase that, every year on the 22nd of november Lebanon celebrate what the think is an independence. First of all, no body died in sake of independence, they litrary kissed the asses of General spears and some other countries as USA and Russia so that the french government will release the president and ministers from the prison they were captivated in. I mean, no body even bothered killing a french soldier or attacking a headquarter or anything, they just did a little strike, burned wheels (lebanese tradition), and sent letters of “discomfort” to the powerful countries back then. Of course, that was after nearly 40 years of “loving” the french and playing by their rules without expressing nearly any vexation (only few times such things happened)

And the worst of all, is that since the so called Lebanese independence, *shit hasn’t changed, i mean, all countries still control lebanons every move in everything, they fund both quarreling sides, so they can quarrel even harder, and people of both sides fight against each other like mindless idiots harder than a vrigin in a zombie threesome .And the worst part of all, is that both quarreling sides believe that the other side is the big bad wolf that aims to rape the country, and steal its resources. So, thinking they are the just ones, every side tries to ruin the image of the othenr team by bombing, increasing theft, increasing inflation rate while the opposing team is in charge. And the people are happy since the opposing team is loosing, and most  importantly, there sect leader\political leader is satisfied *fear the anger and discomfort of the leader -_-*.

The last passage is an inevitable fact that loads of lebanese citizens are aware of, but surprisingly, they do nothing at all (some very small strikes are thrown every now and then, but the media doesn’t air them, nor tell viewers about them, since political leaders are in control of all the channels).

happy unindependence day lebanon, you still have a very long hard road out of the shit hole of religious, sectarianism, racism, and all other types of social and whatever types of struggles.

story of blogging

here goes, the first time i get to say whats on my mind, and i write about how i start blogging.

Petty boring i guess and a waste of the readers time.

so, ever since i was young, i have always said whats on my mind no matter what, in my culture (lebanon) that is considered a shortage of manners and rudeness, so little by little, i have started shutting down my mouth, and all of a sudden, i became shy to express whats on my mind.

After a while, i said *uck the *shit, i have the right to say whats on my mind, and i mustn’t  ashamed to do it. So, expressing my opinion became orgasmic to me, every time i said whats on my mind i felt something undiscribablel, i felt the feeling you get after your forth shot of tequila or after listening to your favorite song for ours with the lights of. But then again, i was only doing it in front of a small crowd, i needed a larger crowd, the more people i touch, the better i felt. So, i used facebook and twitter, but nobody takes these sites seriously, especially the due to the quality of people i have on those two sites.

And one day, i was talking to someone, better say something, they (single, but i used they since i can’t sort them as anything -no offense if you are reading this :*-) were like “i woud loooove to someday see ur brain n all its fucking shit on a blog” i was like “i dont have time for that” then they were like “pppppppppft u walk around hamra for hours u got time DO IT”

Naw that person, can influence me easily, thought i have met them once, and now *hit about them, but yet, there is something so special about them, i mean, convincing me to do something is as easy as convincing a sea cucumber that it is a bucket filled half with period blood and 4 table spoons with semen.

So, now that i have found a place to express my opinion without being interrupted by people and there fast judgments, i hope i can spread my thought to as much people as i can.